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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
  • CSTP I - Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

     My classroom management routines and expected student conduct follow one guiding principle: each student participates and engages in the instruction regardless of his or her language acquisition level, ethnicity, or income status. As an educator in both public and private institutions, I have encountered many students who fit these characteristics. My perseverance combined with dedication and training have given me the skills necessary to recognize the distinct individuals in my classrooms and take the proper steps to ensure each student is supported completely. Past and current experiences highlighting my ability to address the needs of a diversity include: Instruction of international students at the high school English Language Arts level, conversing with parents in the Spanish language when discussing their elementary-age child’s progress, building and preserving a classroom that is sensitive to different religions and cultures, and promoting acceptance of others’ economic conditions and personal experiences.


7th Grade English Language Arts, Northview Intermediate

Northview Intermediate Classroom Norms

ERWC English Syllabus FALL / SPRING 2015-2016, The School of Arts and Enterprise 

American Literature Syllabus FALL / SPRING 2014-2015, Damien High School

Schedule for the Day, English 2, SPRING 2015







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.