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World View

            There are many worldviews that is prominent to each individual person. But what exactly is a “worldview”? According to Webster dictionary, worldview is a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. There are religion, race, sexuality, and beauty standards. The discussion of worldviews can be very difficult, especially because everyone has different opinions. The worldview that I am going to talk about is the view of beauty standards for women.

            Billboards, magazines, internet advertisements, instagram photos, facebook photos; all portray unrealistic images of women. It’s early April. Summer is coming and every single advertisement asks women if they are “beach body ready”? It’s humiliating to see society still having impractical images of women. I recently went to one of my sorority’s sister’s senior thesis project and it was based off of unrealistic body images and how to love oneself. There was a guest who came and talked about the standards of beauty and how women should love themselves for who they are. Rhapsody Artajo, who is a plus size model and body activist, wanted to make a difference by telling others to stop letting other people stop you from doing what you love. Her whole speech was very inspiring and it made me want to become more confident and spread the word as well. Especially because I want to become a teacher, my number one goal is for my students to become more confident in their own body and for each and every child to leave my classroom knowing that they are loved.

            The core value that I was able to connect with from this event is Diversity and Inclusivity. It states that the University supports a diverse and inclusive environment where students recognize and benefit from the life experiences and viewpoints of other students, faculty and staff. I believe that it is important to include everyone and to understand that America is a diverse country. By forcing all women in the same category, as tall and skinny, it lowers their confidence. This University incorporates diversity in all classes and activities, and is inclusive with different groups on campus.


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There are countless of museums that anyone could visit for free in Southern America. Each museum showcases a different variety from thousands of different artists. These artists are all so unique but so similar. They are similar in ways of creativity and imagination. Personally, I love visiting museums. Walking around and getting inspired by the different colors and the “feeling” that I get when I see a particular painting or sculpture is something I live for. I recently visited The Broad, a museum located in the heart of Los Angeles. Its intended audience is mostly college students because of its unique sculptures.

I was able to relate two out of the four Core Values of the University of La Verne. Diversity and Inclusivity and Lifelong Learning. In The Broad, the different art pieces were from different artists from different backgrounds. Because they created art in their own image, not one painting or sculpture is the same. As you walk around this museum, you notice how unique each exhibit is, but somehow it all comes together as creativity and art. Personally, I am taking an Education class called Visual and Performing Arts for Educators. In this class I learned how to identify the different materials used for art and I learned how to analyze the different art pieces. As I was walking around this museum I began to look at the pieces analytically and was able to point out the different methods each artist used. For example one artist utilized color to portray emotion and irony while another artist used two point perspectives to convey the different perspective in everyday life. It was amazing to see how much you can get out of one single painting by studying the color, the texture, and the design.

This museum visit was amazing. When I went to museums before I would graze over certain pieces but I never really took the time to see them and to evaluate them. Being able to apply what I learned in school to something so small like a museum visit amazed me. I always questioned why I had to go to school. However, after this visit, I realized that everything that I learn in school can be used in the real world. Whether it may be for my future career or something fun like a museum visit. 

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Strengths Reflection

I have never taken a strengths test before. I was always suspicious about the results and how it would not reflect my own strengths and personality. However, after I took the Career and Strengths Test and I was clearly wrong. My top five strengths that the test identified was Restorative, Developer, Discipline, Relator, and Includer.

Restorative is defined as a problem solver. I tend to breakdown different problems and enjoy solving it. I enjoy “saving” different things. Developer is defined as seeing the potential in others. In my view, no individual is fully formed, meaning that each individual is a work in progress, alive with unlimited possibilities. Discipline is defined as everything needing to be predictable. I cannot act spontaneous and everything has to fit in my agenda or I won’t go along with it. Relator is defined as my attitude toward my relationships. I enjoy meeting new people and I love creating a deeper connection with my friends. Finally, includer is defined as someone who wants to include people and make them feel part of the group. The strength that I identify the most with is the developer. I work with children and in the future, working my children is my career. It is my job to foresee the future of each student and to imagine countless possibilities that my students will have. In other words, it is my job to believe in each one of my students and give them the encouragement that they deserve. These five strengths definitely will help me succeed in my future career. I am an education major and I want to be an elementary school teacher. I have to be restorative because I have to be able to break down different problems with my students or between me and my fellow coworkers. I have to be a developer because I have to see the potential and believe in each one of my students. Relator because I have to be able to put myself out there and meet my students and get to know them on a one-on-one bases. And include because I have to be able to make sure all my students are on task and none of them are being left out. However, discipline is something that I would like to change. As you are working with children, changing the schedule is bound to happen. However, something like that would make me feel very uncomfortable.

            All of my five strengths that came out in this Career and Strengths Test are very true. There are strengths that I would like to remove and others that I would like to strengthen. 

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Identity Reflection

            My name is Esther Choi and I am a 2nd year at the University of La Verne. I’m an education major, hoping to become an elementary school teacher in the near future. From my 19 years of living and going to school, I’ve developed several traits. However, after taking the Jung/Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment, I’ve found other traits that I’ve never noticed I had. The four traits are Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. (INFJ).

            In the brief explanation below my results, it states that INFJs are comprised of a complexity of characters that are unusual. The rare combination of vision and practicality results in INFJs obtaining unrealistic amount of responsibility upon themselves. In the career choices that INFJs can possess are occupations that involve in caring for others and requiring creativity. For example, social and community care services, counseling, teachers, health care workers, etc. I definitely agree with my JMB four letter result. I am an introvert, I’m intuitive, feeling, and judging. The explanation that was also stated greatly reflects who I am as a person as well. Many people tell me that I’m complex and difficult to read and I do take upon unrealistic responsibilities and expectations for myself. As for my future career, I’m striving to be a teacher. The one letter/character that I would like to change is my judging character. Teachers are able to be okay with change and disorder because children are often unpredictable. However, in my case, I would prefer everything to be in order and for me to know what’s going on ahead of time. As I go through the process of becoming a teacher, I’d benefit better if I was ‘perceiving’ (when you are inclined to improvise and explore other options).

            Out of the four Core Values of the University of La Verne I connected to “Diversity and Inclusivity” the most. From my JMB letters, I do feel more connected to this value than the others. As I stated above, from my four letters, I would like to change my “judging” so I would become more flexible with my future students and coworkers. 

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