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My Philosophy


            My name is Daisy Aguilar and I am 26 years old. I am currently pursuing my degree in teaching. Many aspects in my daily life have inspired me to want to become a teacher. I decided to fully pursue my education in teaching about 3 years ago. Teaching was always a career I thought about doing, but for some reason I always tried seeking if there were other careers that would interest me. After getting married and having three children, I realized teaching would be suitable for myself and my families as well. I am currently an alumnus at the University of La Verne and I am very proud to say I will be receiving my bachelor’s degree in spring 2018. My experience at La Verne has made me realize I have a philosophy, in why I want to teach. This is my teaching philosophy:


            Teaching, many people see it as easy and many people see it as a hard career. Every single person will have a different perspective towards a teacher’s job and role. Becoming a teacher is wanting responsibilities and getting ready to put up with a real-life challenge, but also it means blessing many children. There are many children out there in this world that go to school almost every day of their life. Many children go to school because they have too, and some are glad to be at school because they get to get away from their troubled homes. Teachers are educators, role models, and can even be a special person in a child’s life.


            As a future educator, I would want to teach 1st or 2nd grade. I would like to teach in a public school where I would teach all subjects. Watching children learn as I teach, and being able to mold myself to all different types of learning styles will help me strengthen all my weaknesses. As I also get to meet every single student in my class and help them meet their needs. I lean more towards Perennialism teaching style. This type of teaching method is teacher-centered. This method focuses on transferring knowledge, information, skills to others. I agree and I like this type of method, because I feel that as a teacher, teaching the younger generation we are passing down knowledge and wisdom. An example can be, if I am teaching about art and integrating it to language arts. I would like for students to look at a picture and have meaningful learning. Students will get the chance to interpret the art piece and depict what they see and what feelings were aroused by looking at the art piece. Students will get the chance to all have turns elaborating in a group discussion to hear other perspectives. Students will also read stories and write a short essay about what they learned. Meaningful learning is key to successful learning. 


            I want to be a teacher, because I know I can make a difference in my personal and professional life. In my personal life I will have weekends, holidays, and the summer off. I can have time to bond with my children and my husband. I will have time to go to church Sundays and attend afternoon performances my children may have at their schools. I can plan to travel during spring and winter breaks. I can come home every evening and enjoy dinner with my family and at the same time grade papers while my children do their homework.


            I also want to make a difference in my professional life. I want to be the type of teacher that is strict, but fun. I want to inspire children that they can do anything in life as longest they commit to their goals. I want to be the role model, that many children don’t have in their homes, and I want children to feel comfortable to approach me. I want children to help me stay humble, young, and impact my life as much as I want to inspire theirs. I want to be a fun, loving, caring, and an outgoing teacher.


            In conclusion, teaching to me will be something I want to do. Just like the saying, “If you like what you do for a living and you enjoy it, you will never work a day in your life.” As an educator, I will help provide needs in society and I will help every child learn. I will be a role model, and even a special person in a child’s life. I will be an extraordinary educator.

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